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Happy 1st, Sam!

Today our son is one year old.  Just about 1 year and 15 minutes ago (born at 9:15 am) Nikki and I met our little bundle of joy.  He was perfect.  We still think he is.  Nikki has written more about his milestones and day-to-day activities, so check her blog out if you want to know about that.  I just wanted to write a little about how my life has changed in this first year.  Above all, he has the power to make everything else seem so trivial.  Have a bad day?  I just pick him up and get a smile and then it’s a much better day (Nikki, that’s not to say you don’t cheer me up too, you do).

At first, knowing that we alone were providing for him was scary.  I was pretty nervous-I had no idea what I was doing.  But, I found that it really didn’t matter.  You learn because you have to, it’s not a choice.  Too tired to take care of him?  Apparently not, we always managed to muster enough strength between the two of us to keep going.  And looking back, we must have done alright… he’s just such a happy baby.  I feel very blessed.  I feel almost guilty because we’ve heard of difficult babies, and that just never was Sam.  We’re planning to ride this roller coaster again, so maybe we’ll get that, but I now know we’ll do just fine.

One year old seemed so far off, even just a month or a few weeks ago.  This morning we went out for breakfast, he still doesn’t seem like a one-year-old.  He’s the same Sam we’ve loved all along.  Of course, when I see him pulling up with ease and eating chicken nuggets, I do wonder how we got here so quickly!  Now that we’re at one year, I’ll just go ahead and say that two years old sounds insane.  He’ll be talking and running around, he’ll look different, he’ll probably be excited about his birthday.  What will this next year hold in store?  Let’s find out!


What’s up with Matt?

You may notice that my website has been down for a long time, and is now just a placeholder (thanks for the hosting, Mikey).  Well, late last year (October or November) my web server died.  I think the processor overheated.  It’s pretty old hardware, and parts are hard to come by or significantly overpriced.  I was looking for a cheap (read free) replacement box, but haven’t really found one yet.  So, that’s why I don’t have a web server.  Then, a month or two ago, my main computer crapped out.  I think the processor was zapped when the PSU went out.  PSU has been replaced, new processor and heat sink ordered.

While all of that was happening, Sam has been growing and doing all kinds of things that we’ve been wanting to keep track of.  We take tons of pictures, but Nikki was also wanting to write some thoughts down.  I had initially hoped to get my web server back up and host it and all that, but I just didn’t have the time.  I checked out a couple free blogging hosts, and settled on WordPress.  She really seems to like it.  Then I recommended it to my sister, who has been posting pretty prolifically about her English teaching stint in Lithuania.

Having thought of several things to blog about in the past 10 months and not having anywhere to do so, I realized that I should just bite the bullet and use wordpress myself.  Maybe when I get the web server running again I will install the software instead of hosting it here at, but maybe not (having to pay for CSS editing kinda blows, though).


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I would like to thank Mike Hellrich for hosting a couple redirects for me while I sort out my web server problems.