Starbucks “Energy + Coffee”

Occasionally when I get groceries on my way to work (I have PB&J most days), I will grab a drink from the cold drink case. Since it’s in the morning, I generally get something coffee-ish. Lately, I’ve really been enjoying Starbucks Doubleshot, but they are rather expensive—$1.99 for like 8.5 oz. or something. I generally get two, but then that’s $4… could have just stopped at Starbucks.

Amid all the news of store closures in St. Louis, they apparently launched a new drink in the Doublshot lineup. The previous little ones are “Espresso & Cream” and the new ones are dubbed “Energy + Coffee” and are about twice as big (for only $2.50).  For the original, they really did a great job of making it taste good.  It tastes like coffee and cream, something I want to drink.  The new one has “Guarana”, “Ginseng” and “B Vitamins” tattooed on the top of the can, so I was a bit skeptical.  I’m familiar with energy drinks from various late night drives home.  I generally get Mountain Dew branded drinks that taste pretty crappy, but keep me alert.  Sometimes, I get coffee themed drinks like Monster and others… they taste like ass with a hint of coffee.  I’d have to say the “Energy + Coffee” from Starbucks—I had the Mocha flavor—is more like coffee with a hint of ass.  It’s drinkable, but there is apparently little that can be done to hide the “flavor” of what the can calls “Energy Ingredients”: maltodextrin, taurine, L-Carnitine, inositol, Panax ginseng, and guarana.

Unless you are a huge fan of energy drinks or are strapped for cash, get yourself a Doubleshot “Espresso & Cream” or two, they taste much better, and the ingredient list is much less scary.  The Iced Coffee drinks are pretty good too; a little less flavorful, but a little better value.


1 Response to “Starbucks “Energy + Coffee””

  1. 1 Katrina July 29, 2008 at 3:28 pm

    coffee with a hint of ass??? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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